Men of Grace

Grace Baptist is a church that seeks to equip men to fulfill their God-given role at home, at church, and in the workplace. Our vision is not to simply grow “better” men–we want to grow godly men (Col 1:28). We live in times of confusion regarding the roles  and responsibilities of men, so our goal is to provide men with biblical clarity in order to navigate the challenges they face daily in a manner that brings God glory.

What is our purpose?

The Grace Baptist men’s ministry exists to promote the growth of men in their love of God (Deut 6:5; Jer 9:23-24;Matt 22:37) by encouraging them to learn and live God’s Word (I Kgs 2:3, Ezra 7:10) so that they will humbly love their wives as Christ loved the church (Eph 5:25-26); actively assume their leadership roles within the family (Deut 6:6-8) and the church body (1 Tim 3:2-7; Tit 1:6-9); and reflect the image of God’s glory through Christ  (Gen 1:27, 2 Cor 3:18) by impacting the lives of others in the workplace (Col 3:23-24), community, and to the ends of the earth (I Kgs 2:2-4, Matt 28:19, 2 Tim 2:2).

How do we equip godly men?

At Grace, we seek to intentionally connect with all other ministries of Grace Baptist Church by providing a balanced ministry with multiple entry points for all men. We do this through providing our men with fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and missions opportunities to grow in godliness.

Fellowship: In the men’s ministry, we seek to intentionally help men develop meaningful relationships with other men through various times of men’s gatherings. There are three relationships we lead men to cultivate. First, we guide our men to find an older godly man to mentor them. Second, we encourage our men to find a few other men to hold them accountable. Finally, we challenge our men to mentor younger believers in their walk with Christ.

Discipleship: As we involve men in Christ-centered fellowship with one another, we desire to disciple them in their relationship with Jesus. Specifically, we seek to equip men to be the spiritual leader of their family and the church through theologically sound and practical Bible studies. 

Ministry and Missions: Our men’s ministry also provides opportunities for men to lead their families in ministry and missions. We understand that God does not bring us to salvation so that we can huddle up in our homes, but that He brings us to salvation that we might proclaim the good news of the Gospel (1 Pet 2:9). Therefore, we provide opportunities for our men to be involved in local, national, and international missions and ministry opportunities.

For more information feel free to email our Pastor to men, Ricky Teal, by CLICKING HERE