Equipping you as a follower and servant of Christ

Come join us for Grace Equipping each Sunday evening, from 6-7 PM, during the spring and fall semesters.



Our vision at Grace Baptist is for you to be equipped to faithfully follow and serve God in every facet of your life, no matter your age or the calling He has placed on your life. That’s why we’ve set up Grace Equipping.

Grace Equipping is a ministry of Grace Baptist that will meet every Sunday evening at 6 PM during the spring and fall semesters. Each semester we will offer several classes, covering a wide variety of topics, from which you can choose. Some will be geared toward learning Scripture or a particular doctrine; others will be very hands on in nature, helping you learn how to live out a particular aspect of the Christian life. They all, however, are designed to equip you in your daily Christian life. Our goal with Grace Equipping is to help you be a growing disciple who in turn makes disciples of others.


When is Grace Equipping?

Grace Equipping meets on Sunday evenings at 6 PM during the fall and spring semesters. Usually classes will be from September through November in the fall and from January through April in the spring.

Why Grace Equipping?

There are many passages in the New Testament that tell us that one of the main tasks of the church and its leaders is to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry” (Eph 4:12). Grace Equipping will aid in your spiritual growth and effectiveness in ministering the Gospel to Somerset and beyond.

What classes are offered?

We have two kinds of classes that we offer: core classes and electives. Core classes are subjects that we believe are important for every Christian, and usually a couple of core classes will be offered each semester. Electives cover a wide variety of topics related to the Christian life. These are designed to equip you in every facet of life for being faithful as a disciple of Christ.

Theology 1: Getting Doctrine Right (Part 1)
Theology 2: Getting Doctrine Right (Part 2)

Old Testament 1: Genesis-Esther

Old Testament 2: Job-Malachi

New Testament 1: Matthew-Acts
New Testament 2: Romans-Revelation

Church History: Learning from the Past

Ethics: Christian Living in the Real World

Grow: Learning to Grow as a Disciple

Multiply: Sharing the Gospel to Make Disciples

Disciple: Helping Others Grow as Disciples

Growing in Your Marriage

Stewardship God’s Way

Interpreting the Bible

How to Teach God’s Word


Cults and Other Religions

Being the Body: Principles of Church Life

Specific books of the Bible

Men’s studies

Women’s studies

Missions training

Is there childcare?
There will be childcare for children up through four years old.

What about older children?
Children age 5 through the 6th grade will have their own class.

What about youth?
Students who are in the 7th-12 grades are encouraged to participate in the Grace   Equipping classes. They will also be able to serve as student leaders in the children’s class.

Is there a cost for the classes?
Most classes don’t cost anything; however, a few may require the purchase of a book.

How long will the classes last?
They will be from 6-7 PM.

Will we start in the sanctuary or in the classroom?
You will start in the classroom.