What To Expect

Welcome to Grace Baptist Church

We hope that you will visit us at Grace Baptist Church. You will find a warm welcome if you come and an atmosphere of friendship and fellowship.  Upon entering through the main front door, please stop by our Welcome Center desk for any information you may need. The volunteers at the desk can help you find a class for Sunday School or provide you with an array of literature that will help you to get to know Grace Baptist Church better.


Do I have to “Dress Up?”

Perhaps one of the most asked questions in our day is “what do I wear?” There are no dress codes at Grace Baptist Church. In fact you will see a lot of different “styles.”  Those leading in worship will usually, at least on Sunday morning, be in a coat and tie. But the last thing we want is for you to feel like you can’t attend because “you don’t have a thing to wear.”  You can be sure that however you dress there will be some who are “more dressed up” than you and others who are not “as dressed up” as you.

You won’t be judged as to how you are dressed. We will simply be happy to have you come and worship with us. So whether you choose to wear a suit or dress, business causal, or just plain casual you will be welcomed with a smile and open arms at Grace.

Child Care — Nursery & Extended Session

For families who wish to worship without the distraction of a young child, we provide childcare for children through age three.  For more complete information on childcare on Sunday, CLICK HERE.

Parking at Grace Baptist

Ample parking is provided on all sides of the church building. If you are new to Grace, you can use special reserved parking for guests, located to the left of the main entrance. There are also handicap accessible spaces located immediately in front of the main entrance and on the east and west side of the building. If you require special assistance, please speak with one of the greeters located at the front door under the portico.